R & R

The 'hub,' skully, nacho and myself 'finally' got away last weekend. We camped @ Mineral Wells SP west of Fort Worth. My precious LilyBelle and her parents met up w/us on Saturday. Ofcourse, she took to camping like ........... a cow to grass, horse to hay, me to Utah, and the old adage, a duck to water. She took a 'cowboy bath,' stared @ the lights through the trees and talked (lilylingo) all the while we hiked. I LOVE this little person.

The stars were out bright and as I looked up I thought about the last time I, well....looked up. It was in Utah. Don't get bored w/me peeps, and my talk of Utah. If you haven't been there, you can't understand. So, anywayssssss, back to looking up at the stars. Cortny asked "mom whats that screaming light across the sky?" Without looking up I said "it's just a satellite." She replied, "are satellites red?" "Huh." I looked up. For the next 5-10 minutes we saw red lights screaming, and I do mean screaming across the sky. They weren't satellites. They weren't planes. I absolutely love experiencing something new. The possibilities of what it could have been sends chills down my spine. Apparently, Minereal Wells is quite notorious for 'UFO' sightings. Now, I'm not saying they were the aforementioned...but peeps...I would like to hear what you think they may have been. It was exciting. Here's something even stranger, as soon as planes started to cross the sky, the red light activity ceased.

You know what I love the most...and you're going to find this a curious statement. Maybe you think I'm going to say, "I experienced it w/my LilyBelle, with my Cortny, or my precious 'hub.'" Nope, you would be wrong. I loved it that my son-in-law, Rich was there. We'll talk about it over the coming years, it will be an event that we share and I would like to think, make us closer. You see I have a lifetime w/my Cortny, a begininng w/my LilyBelle and many memories with the hub. Rich and I are different in many ways and, I'm not sure he would admit to this, but alike in many as well. When we clearly 'love' a moment....I cherish it.

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