You Talkin' to Me?

Went up to our friends ranch, fellow BB owners, the Whiteheads, on Saturday night. Ate great food, drank some delicious wine, and in 30 some degree weather, tip toed....actually trotted outside in our bathing suits and climbed into their glorious, steaming hot top. Second weekend in a row that I have been caught star gazing. After putting our jammie jams on, Pat brought out his guitar and we sang a bit, or at least tried. I even took the piece of wood in my hand and tried to strum out "Sunshine on my Shoulder." I didn't get past the first chord. Good times. When we finally climbed in bed I couldn't believe it was 1:30 in the a.m.! Time and fun.....a valued commodity. The next day we were served up yet another delicious meal and then headed outside to survey their land and future winery site. Very exciting stuff!!! You know, kind and gracious peeps don't live on every 'kerner.' My mother (I'm sure I've used this Carol ism before) told me when I was old enough to begin to value friendship, that I would be blessed to have one good friend in my life. Everywhere we have lived God has given me at least one good friend. I'm sure if I were to peruse (lovin' that word), my own blog there would be a story about each of them. So Whiteheads.....here's yours. Thanks for a great get-away!! Oh....and the bull....although we didn't exchange fist/hoof pumps, I consider him a new friend too.

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Jackie said...

Tami, life no matter where you are is always an adventure with you:) I am so glad you have had some time for r & r. Love you!