Toweep/Grand Canyon

I'm relying on my 'past' travels to keep me motivated for future ones. To date...my most favorite adventure...Toweep/Grand Canyon. No civilization w/in 2 to 3 hours. Sky as black as black....rittled with stars....no sound...just your breath and the crackling of the campfire. You can tell by my expression...I am in my most joyous element.


Timothy Stepp said...

Like the new look! How about the OhHeAintShady Suites trip?

Vicki and Steve said...

Tami, that was our favorite adventure too but we also had many memorable times with you guys. Remember our trip to Death Valley on Thanksgiving. By the way we sent our tent back to the company for repair and will be sleeping in it in July at Yellowstone.

Love ya,

Puff said...

love that you're back...and I can't believe Tim read your blog AND commented!!! haha :) I'm putting this pic on fbook to show how cool my rents are!

<3 Puff