Do you know the way to Santa Fe?? (Jose)

Hey friends, bloggers and curious readers, we are on our way to Santa Fe, New Mexico. The weather looks great so we leave out in the morning. The girls will be busy for the next week or so studying and taking finals. We need to get out of the hair so they can 'get er done'. :) Walked into a Dollar Store yesterday to get change for a twenty. This is Texas, everyone is in a good mood and friendly, at least that's what I thought. The manager said w/a sour look "you'll have to purchase something so I can open the drawer". Now.......sometimes I can be a bit sarcastic. I know, I know, me..Tami, surely not. Yes, it's true. With a queried look on my face I asked rhetorically, "You can't open the drawer to give me change for a twenty w/out me purchasing something." (hand on hip, 20$ bill held out w/a look my children and 'hub' know all to well). "Nope, you have to buy something". Fine then, the dollar store won't get one dollar from me. I left, went to the laundry mat next store and got 20$ worth of quarters that felt like 5 pounds in my jacket pocket. Went to Subway and got a sub and drink, paid with ....... quarters. You may be asking "why didn't you just go to subway first and get change from your purchase?" Because....I wasn't hungry at the time I needed change. It's the principal "whatever happened to customer service?" You know the world is getting less friendly when you can't get that in W.F. Texas.

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