Holding Pattern

We are in a holding pattern in W.F. for a few days. It's funny (not really) how you can make plans one day and throw them out the window the next. Needless to say, we are not on our way to Santa Fe today, however, I'm not giving up hope. I believe it has just been delayed. So.....what to blog about. Two things 1)The Gym. The 'hub' says to me on the way back from a hard workout @ the gym, "you should blog about the gym." I ask "What would I say?" "Your workouts, how much you bench press, that sorta stuff." I giggled and said "I don't think my readers are interested in my gym routine." He agreed. I guess I could start a gym blog. I don't think anyone would read it. 2)Bobcats. When we came home last night from having dinner w/the Woolseys (along w/watching American Idol which they DVR'D for me), we pulled into our site and there was a bobcat walking through our camp. A BOBCAT!!!! All I could think about, other then being awed by such a sight, was that if Skully had been out, he would have been a 'scooby' snack for this fat feline.


bagman said...

I'd like to know what you're doing in the gym. I want to make sure you're not catching up to me - I have an image to maintain, you know?
I don't have to worry about Bill though - I've seen his "dedication"

cortny said...

how much DO you bench press? i'm just curious.

Jor said...

So much adventure for such a little person. I'm sure your dedication to the gym will help you fight off the "bobs".