Scootin' Along

The campground is quiet. Most everyone packed up and out of here by Sunday afternoon. There are a couple of die-hards, one couple w/a boat and a huge 5 wheeler, another in a tent. I observed this as I ‘scooted’ around the place yesterday with Katie on the back holding tight as we went a breakneck speed of 20 mph. (geesh, you’d think we were on a race bike). It’s funny how my girl’s personalities come through even while riding on the back of a scooter. Cortny, amiable/accommodating sat on the back holding semi-tight, chatting in my ear, all the while making sure no bugs would splat on her face. Where ever I wanted to go she was willing. I leaned, steered and was in control while she enjoyed the ride. Katie, on the other hand, like a wound up clock held tight, screeched w/excitement (in my ear), making sure she watched where we were going all the while feeling the need to help me steer and lean into each curve. Needless to say….there were a few times I thought I might loose control. You know the old saying “to many cooks not enough soup.” If Tim were here there would be no riding behind anyone. He would drive. He has always set his own course allowing directions only when and if he were to get lost. Skully’s a bit like all three. Like Cortny, he goes where ever I want, very accommodating, always in a good mood. Like Katie, hops up and down making sure you know that he is in the room, feisty and fun. Like Tim, when he arrives, everyone likes him and wants to be his friend. I love my kids!!


Julie W said...

We would love to connect with you again before you have to leave Texas. Haley is in driver's ed class from 6-8pm each night, so a trip to Graham might not work out during this trip.

idaholan said...
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idaholan said...

Hey there! How about a tour of your new home??? Where are you keeping your scooter?