Ice Cream and Ghost Stories

Just because you sell your house, store 'most' of your belongings and take off in your r.v. on an adventure doesn't mean you don't still have everyday tasks. Yesterday was filled w/laundry, grocery, oil changes, car cleaning, going to the gym. Life does go on. Let's talk about the gym. I hope my friends @ 24-Fitness are reading today's blog. After a semi-hard cardio workout on Saturday, I thought I would try one of their protein smoothies. One gulp up the straw and I about gagged. I got a little misty and thought of my expert smoothie maker "marlea" @ my old gym. Miss you 'Mar'. You too Sarah, Jenny, Jean and Andrew. Life is full of trade offs. So far, I'm feeling a bit philosophical today. A bit out of character for me. That's Tim's department. Last night the family came out to the house and we had a cookout. Topped it all off w/homemade cookies and cream ice cream. DEEE -licious. The best part was sitting around the campfire telling ghost stories. (the 'hub' had the legitimate story). We all had our cameras flashing as we looked for 'orbs' (i like to say orks) in our pics. One of our favorite things to do when we all get together is quote different 'scenes' from favorite movies. Somehow, last night we started to talking about "Rocket Man." "it wasn't me, it was Julie". We are starting to contemplate where we go from here, back to Ohio, taking a different route or maybe up to Utah and look around a bit. We should have an answer by the end of the week. Today will end with dinner @ our favorite friends from W.F., the Woolseys. We will be talking about our 2009 cruise to Greece and the Pyramids and dining on tilapia and grilled veggies. One thing sure, we are eating well. Bye for now.


j.kulp said...

Well, Tami, life sounds great for you and I am happy for you and Bill! I could have told you how undesirable pod coffee is. I bought one pod coffeemaker and returned it (surprise!) because the coffee is perhaps one step above instant and weak indeed. I never lack a cup of good coffee in the morning ... I wanted to make you jealous:) Things are good here. The Lord is working and doing wonderful things. Brenda Nagle literally had a medical miracle occur in her life --- disappearance of a huge cyst and now requires no surgery. Bible study is great with wonderful ladies. The Lord has given me several who want to grow and maybe teach ... Yeah! Neil is good and it appears Andrew made the Sr. Legion baseball team in the area which will position him for scouts for colleges. Have a great week and remember you are missed:)

NutsyGnome said...

When I saw the pool, I thought wow, life is good. then I read about the spooky things in the night and I thought life is still good! I am so happy that life is taking you on this journey. Finding yourself is so much fun when you are losing yourself. When you see Tim, ask him about that one. Please keep up the great job of informing we mere mortals back here about the journey--and the pictures are appreciated too. Love ya bunches, and know I read this every day althought I do not always post comments. We'll think about you and pray for you tomorrow at Bible study. We are now in chapter 7--- a biggie.
Love ya bunches again, Jayne