We have friends here

You know what one of the best things about moving is? Having friends in each town you’ve lived. You get to go back and visit, catch up and plan your next get together. And aren’t some friends the kind that no matter how long it has been since you’ve been together, when you do …. It’s as if you’ve never left. You don’t skip a beat. You pick up where you left off. Man o’ man, I love those kind of friends. We have such friends in W.F. I could write a ‘blog’ chapter on how many times the “Woolsey’s” have been there for us. They’re terrific people who have weathered a few storms in their lives. I’m sure if you spoke with those who were there with them while they were going through it, they would tell you they clung to one another as a family and they trusted God to help them through. They’ve touched a lot lives, these guys. I remember…. (I can’t help it I have to share just one story), not long after moving to Wichita Falls being @ Braums ice cream store with the kids. The ‘hub’ and I were both feeling a bit discouraged. We had been attending a dynamic church for several weeks but had not connected w/anyone at that point. I guess you could say we were lonely. We were thinking about trying another church. We were discussing such things when we heard a cheerful big Texas voice say “Hello, my name is Brady… this is my wife Julie and our kids Jacob and Haley.” Julie’s smile matched Brady’s cheerful greeting. Guess where they went to church? Because only smart people read my blog :), you know it was the one we were attending. A great conversation occurred and we became friends and from then on began making memories together as families, (Jacob has a scar to prove it), and as a couple. Everyone needs a friend like the Woolsey’s, where you can show up for dinner in their home with a load of sheets that need washing and a small dog who immediately upon entering, baptizes the living room carpet. I guess even Skully, who had never met them, instinctively knew, ‘I can do that here and they will still love me!’

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cortny said...

gotsta love the woolseys. big ups to the woolseys.