The Salad Deli

Went off the radar for a day. I'm still here in the sunny state of Texas. Let me catch you up on the last two days. The 'hub' and I were able to get in a bit of golf. We didn't play to bad and enjoyed ourselves immensely. I ate at my favorite "lunch" restaurant in W.F. "The Salad Deli". Every time I come for a visit the girls ask where we want to go for lunch, and then follow up their own question w/ "wait, don't tell us, The Salad Deli". They know me well. "The Salad Deli" is a place where you feel welcomed as soon as you walk in the door. The proprietor takes your order and your cash and gives you a warm Texas welcome. He truly has the gift of gab as well as remembering who you are. Weathered our first storm in the new home. We learned we need to be a bit more proactive about taking the awning down before it starts to lightening. The 'hub' was a human lightening rod as he stood outside w/his hands up in the air holding the 'metal' awning brackets. The fun part was wearing our new rubber boots. We were quite the pair as we sloshed around outside sporting our new footwear. We also learned more about campground etiquette. Our neighbors, Rod and Mary, invited us over for cheese and crackers and traded stories. Obviously they had many more stories then we did as they are full timers having traveled in their r.v. for 3 years now. They have a huge map on the side of their R.V. w/square dancing stickers to show everywhere they've been to camp and participated in square dances. How fun is that!! I will end w/a bit of news from Skully's travels. The 'hub' and Skullster accompanied me up to the bathhouse while I took a shower. It was dark out. Evidently a coyote wandered by in front of them as they waited. Skully had to show some male aggression and w/great restraint and "bravery" he let a one small, tiny, minuscule, barely audible 'woof'. That's my boy!

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NutsyGnome said...

Hey Girl,
I was so bummed out I was not home to receive your call! What can I say--the patch needed some flowers and today was the day. I did not get home until an hour ago.
You might want to give Tim my cell phone number as well as my home phone because if I am outside, I might not hear the phone. I must admit that I will miss "Lil Red." It has caused quite a stir in our neighborhood as people though we had purchased another vehicle and just couldn't help "asking" why do you need another truck?" Oh well, I kept making up stories and they will be in shock when it rolls out the driveway soon. But I am sure they will be happy that the vehicle is no longer wanted by the police! Bummer. Just kidding. Anyway, I hope to hear from Tim soon.
Love ya bunches! And yes, you two are quite a pair! Jayne