A Typical Day

Many of you may be wondering “what does someone who lives in a camper and is basically on an extended vacation do all day long?” Well, wonder no longer. I wake up (obviously), to the sound of the ‘hub’ scuffling around the ‘house’. (He prides himself on always being up before me, whatever…. :). The Skullster is usually snuggling at my feet waiting for me to arise. Have I told you that he is the best present I’ve ever received in my entire life? “YES TAMI, YOU’VE TOLD US.” After my first cup of coffee the fog starts to clear and my body begins to function. We sit @ our office (kitchen table), where the ‘hub’ checks out job prospects on the web while I compose my blog. Sitting beside each of us is a basket that holds what once was our offices. How we downsized and prioritized two home offices to fit into baskets is beyond me. Once we both are finished we talk about what is on the agenda for the day and go about getting ready. On most days, we do a bible study together. This is my favorite time. I cherish it, because I know soon….the ‘hub’ will be working once again and times like these will be scarce. We then pack up the car w/our gym stuff and depending on the weather, skully too, and off to the gym we go. A quick trip to the store, maybe a stop @ one or both of the girls place (they are still both in school), and back to camp. Our evenings have been filled w/ family and friends. Last night the two came together and we had a ‘wienie’ roast (organic and regular) along w/smores, or my favorite pronunciation “shh’mores”. We played our usual ‘guess what movie’ game. The Woolsey’s caught on quickly and I must say Haley stumped all of us more then once. Julie and Brady were quite the contestants as they added action to their impersonation of John Travolta and Debra Winger in “Urban Cowboy.” Rich did an academy award performance of Daniel Day Lewis in “There will be Blood.” The ‘hub’, always in top form, impersonated John Candy choking in “Summer Rental.” Cortny, who shys away from the spotlight, shined as Val Kilmer from “Tombstone.” Katie, who could do stand up impersonations because she has several in her repertoire was spot on as Robin Wright (Jenny) from Forrest Gump. Jeremy’s performance as Billy Bob Thorton from “Slingblade” was quite the stumper since I’ve not seen the movie in its entirety. That leaves me. I stumped no one, nottah, zilch, zero. Each time my turn came around I either passed or quoted someone that the whole world would guess, like the scarecrow from “The Wizard of Oz.” "If I only had a brain." That’s what he said, not what you may be thinking about me.

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