The "Tanks"

The life of leisure in an r.v. Today we had to empty ‘the tanks’. Those of you who are campers know what I mean. Their names are grey water and black water. It’s where all the ‘water’ is emptied into. I will let you figure out what classifies each. We aren’t done w/are stay here, but the good news is that the “dump station” is right across the street. We unhook / pack up everything attached to the r.v., electricity, water, twinkly lights, awning and crank up the jacks, hook up the car and off the ’hub’ goes as Skully and I walk behind. It took a bit, but we successfully emptied “the tanks“, then drove back to our spot and lined it up almost exactly as before. A good hour later, covered w/sweat and a couple of minor mishaps, we were finished and our home was back together again. After wards the camp host across the street yelled out “Are you staying or leaving”? The ’hub’ explains what we did. The camp host then replies “Oh, I have a “blue boy” you could have just emptied your tanks into it and then walked it over to the ’dump station’!!!!! WE CONTINUE TO LEARN BY OUR MISTAKES (not unlike our children). We finished the day by having Rich and Cort over for a cook out consisting of organic hot dogs. Don’t squish up your face, they were good. Afterward, I transformed into “Calamity Jane”. The ’hub’ bought a pellet gun for protection. We don’t want to kill anyone, just shoot their eye out so they can’t see where we are to harm us. Yep, that’s right I’m packing a pistol boys. Watch out critters, thugs and thieves. After target practice, my aim qualified me for last place.


bagman said...

RV'in', tank cleanin', and now shootin'. Next thing you know, you'll be wearing a plaid flannel shirt with cutoff sleeves and a pack of Winston's rolled up in 'em.
As you can see, I have waaaaaay too much time on my hands right now.
Glad to hear you're getting the opportunity to see how some of us grew up (remember I grew up in central Jersey with the farms and the cows and the fields).
As always, thanks for the daily updates, I'm keeping you and Bill in my prayers.

NutsyGnome said...

I agree with bagman! Just a flannel shirt to go. And remember Alfie--don't shoot anyone's eye out. Your adventure really has been a lot of fun to watch and read about, so keep those words a flowing. I drove by your ex-house the other day--just because. It made me smile and think of all the great times shared.
Jenn was inducted into the psychology honor society(Psi Chi) and I saw Lisa, Ezra, and Lisa's husband who was in attendance as a psychology professor. Ezra is growing so fast and I told them I would make everyone jealous by telling them I had seen Ezra. So eat your heart out--but don't shoot ! Love ya bunches and you are, as always--in my prayers.