Ticks & Turtles

The day was pretty low key. The sky was blue the temp. was in the mid 70's and we spent the day just putsing around. We took a lovely hike, making sure we didn't step on any unsuspecting snakes. There's only about 9 criken poisonous snakes around here. Give me a break. The grass was alittle high in places so we carried (the 'hub did) Skully most of the way. The one time he was on the ground we came up on a small turtle crossing the path. Cute as a button. Skully just watched w/ears perked. He didn't know if he should bark or try and play w/it. Once we were back at home the 'hub' found a tick on him. Upon removal he took a torch to it. Sizzle Sizzle!! I check the Skully. First check produced only fur. Second check we found one on his little neck. That one died on an open grill. A trip to the bookstore and we both had a book to read. The 'hub's' book is about China (those of you who know him are laughing right now). Mine is about the sport of Gymnastics by Susan Fey. Very interesting. The 'hub' made a wonderful dinner of grilled pork chops and veggies and we then settled down by the fire reading our books until the sun set. We've decided that we are going to move our camper to a different site tomorrow. After we empty 'The Tanks'. Hopefully, it will go smoothly w/out mishap. Speaking of which, the "wind was a whipping down the way" (OOOOOklahoma) last night @ about 2 a.m. The 'hub' got up to put the awning down. He's getting pretty good at it., even while dressed in his skivies. I'm sure we are the talk around the campground this morning. I can just here someone saying "hey, did you see that skivie clad guy @ about 2 a.m. last night fighting with his awning?" We like to make an impression where ever we go.

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catyj said...

I finally caught up with all your posts, Tami! I must say I TOTALLY agree with your crush - there is no other. And I really think Donny should be on the next season of "Dancing with the Stars", but I digress. The visual of 'hub' tackling the awning as those 'winds come whipping down the plane' will linger - maybe you should dub the trailblazer/rv as the 'surry with the fringe on top'!
Let me know if I need to send any Wegmans coffee (my all-time favorite!) via Katie and while I am there, I'll have a Frappe Freeze in your honor.
We are so glad you are able to reconnect with family and friends, but we are missing you - the whole family says "hi!". Until next time...love and prayers.