Covert Operation

There is a pit bull in the campground. Some may think.....so what? The 'hub' has a real disdain for these animals. I tend to agree. Why people have these as pets is beyond me and besides that they bring them to public places and expect everyone else to be comfortable w/a killer dog on the premises. I have had to take a back route to the pet area w/Skully. The direct route passes right by their campsite which upon seeing Skully as a 'scoobie snack' the pb goes bezerko! There's also one down the street. The 'hub' and I were taking our daily run yesterday morning and got the beejeevies scared out of us when one appeared out of nowhere jumping up on the fence that was between us and him. That's their 'MO', they just show up and your first indication is loud, snarling, nasty barking that makes you almost pee your pants. On our return trip the 'hub' ran w/a rock and I w/a stick, both of which were small and worthless but somehow we felt like we were being proactive. Last but certainly not least in the 'wee' hours of the morning before the sun is even thinking about making it's appearance this awful creature starts to howl and for whatever reason it's owner doesn't find it necessary to stop it. I know this because there is no protest chiming along w/the howls. Now.....normally the 'hub' gets irritated but moves on quickly, always finding the positive and that is where he likes to dwell. He hasn't stopped ranting and raving about this dog since we got here. Here's my idea. We go buy some camouflage clothing, paint our faces black and where doo rags on our heads. We then crawl on our bellies w/pellet gun in hand and position ourselves just on the perimeter of their campsite. When the dog starts it's middle of the night serenade we pop him in the butt w/a few pellets. Now that will change his tune. I would have made a great spy or fbi agent. Perhaps, if Hollywood is looking for a female "Jack Bauer" I should audition. Then I could say cool things like...."I'm going dark. I've secured the perimeter. Chloe, I need your help." I could also interrogate 'perps' in the campground.......I think I'll start w/the owner of the pb.

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