The Rio Grande

Took a day trip to Taos, New Mexico. Stopped along the way and took a 3 mile hike above the Rio Grande River. What a hike it was. At the end of the hike there was a place to sit and you could see the River from two sides. It was awesome. We also saw petroglyphs on the rocks from ancient Indians. I've attached a picture. Look closely and you will see a woman screaming upon seeing a snake! I can't say I felt real comfortable standing there taking pics of this scene. I had one eye looking through my lens and the other making sure I didn't fall victim to the same scenario. Skully has proven to be quite the lil' hiker and although I tried to carry him, he insisted on walking most of the way. It was very hot and dry and we made sure we took plenty of water. He drank his out of the cap from the bottle :) We also stopped by the river and let him wash off his dusty paws. How many dogs can say they've waded around in the Rio Grande? I hope you enjoy the video (below) we took of the river w/floats riding the white water as well as the surrounding mountains. As I sit typing this blog Skully and the 'hub' are struggling to stay awake. It really was a full day, but so worth it. One week from now, the 'hub' will be @ his new job and I will be exploring St. George looking for new haunts, gym, church and new friends. No matter how many 'new' friends I may make, old one's (not in age) are the best and we look forward to you coming for a visit. Whose first??

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Julie W said...

Oh, I love Taos! Every winter when we ski, we say we are going to go back in the summer and go whitewater rafting (haven't yet!) I hope you found the cute shoe store on the square while you were there. Praying for your continued safe travel! Julie