Why Don't She Write

Did you think I left the blog world? Well, I have to say that now that we are in our new city I've gotten into a bit of a routine. Quite different then living in the RV and having new and exciting events happen almost on a daily basis. Here in the hotel it's pretty much the same. I'm not complaining though. My day starts out w/takin' the Skulster out to do his bizniz' and then I jump on my scooter and ride just down the street to Starbucks where I order a tall Pike Place black and sit outside and read USA Today as well as the local paper. After that I could be doing laundry, going to the gym, the normal stuff. We went camping last weekend up @ Pine Valley Mountain. It was absolutely beautiful. When we arrived we had to camp in the Equestrian campground. (Katie is jealous right now). At first I was a bit disappointed because the stream didn't run through it. But we ended up w/the best site they had. Our picnic table looked out over a meadow and then beyond that the mountain. On Sat. night I searched and searched through my binoculars (a recent present from the 'hub') for deer. Only to look up and have one staring at us from 15 feet away. I'm sure if he could talk and I was Dr. Doolittle I would have heard him/her say "I'm right here stupid!" After he knew we spotted him he went about his work, taking his time grazing until he finally was out of sight. We introduced ourselves to the new campers that came in on Saturday. They had four horses. We blab to much. We told them how much we liked the Equestrian campground over the regular one because the sites were more spread out and there weren't screaming kids running all over the place. About that time the rest of their family showed up w/car loads of screaming kids. Can you believe it. They ended up moving down a few sites. Thank goodness. Between their horses whinnying (sp) and kids screaming our serene peaceful environment became like a playground. Needless to say, they didn't smile at us as we drove by their site. Wonder Why!!! The 'hub' says he's going to stop sharing so much info. Not me......Oh I will try, but I know me......my middle name is Tami 'insert foot in mouth' Stepp. We have bought a new home and will be in by the 1st of July. At the moment I am kinda freakin out because there will be a moving van to unload the PODS in Pa. and we don't have anyone to unlock them for us. I may be making a trip. Our Katster's b'day is today. 22 years young. Happy Birthday Puffer!


catyj said...

Hi Tami! Just had to tell you I had a Frappe Freeze at Wegman's in your honor. It was a cookies and cream one; missed having you to chat with while i sipped!

Sparkles said...

thanks mom:) miss you!