Hair Doos

Ughhhhhhh!!!! I so dislike the process of finding a new hairdresser. They all approach your head like they are 'it's' best friend. Excuse me, you don't know my head, you've never seen it until today so what's up w/that I ask you. I explain what I want...color, cut, they nod their head like they know what I am talking about and then they start to make a mess out of my head. I even take pics w/me, which they barely look at as if to say (again) "uh huh, I got it" as they glance at the photo. I explain, "this is when I really liked my hairstyle". (see above photo) You would think they would get that "this woman is serious about her hair and she wants me to be serious about it also". I say "it's alittle to blond at the moment can you tone it down 'just a bit'? "Sure, no problem." Guess what? Now it's to DARK!! What to do, what to do? They say, "now, if you don't like it just come back in and I will fix it for you." Sounds easy enough doesn't it. Let's think about that for a moment...............I walk in (or call) and say "Hi Shyleasha, this is Tami Stepp. You did my hair yesterday. I need some fixin." She says "No problem come on in." So I do....only to have every hairdresser in the daggon place turn around and look at me when I enter and I can hear what their thinking, "there's the fussybutt...back to be difficult." You know that's what their thinkin. There was a time when I didn't care about my hair. I would walk into a place and say "Just do whatever you want." I'm serious, I did. I was easy that way. Come to think of it, I didn't much care what anyone thought of me either. I guess I will give her a call at the risk of being thought of as a 'fussybutt'. Next up...Church, Doctor, Dentist. It really takes about a year or two before it all comes together. By the way...the girl that did my hair today, is getting married in the fall and moving to Wyoming. And I thought she was my best friend.

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Jor said...

love you and your fussy hair stories