Different pace out in the SW. Slower!! It's pretty bad when you're on your scooter that only tops out @ 40 mph, w/out any headwind, and you are beeping @ the cars in front of you to 'MOVE IT OR LOSE IT BUDDY!!!' I take a deep breath and say to myself "Self, relax." The 'hub' and I were discussing it last night. We decided we're gonna have to work on it and it might take awhile after living on the east coast, the only place in the US that I'm aware of that they actually have signs that say "BEWARE OF AGGRESSIVE DRIVERS". Man, I do hope I chill out or they may start to post those signs around St. George because of the "beepin, crazy woman on the green scooter w/the Eric Estrada helmet". I've been doing Power Pilate's on Wed. mornings. I love it. I'm starting to feel a bit more like I belong here. I'm sure it's because I'm really working on getting involved, not to mention God's plan is always for a good purpose. Speaking of which, we will be trying a new church out this Sunday. The last one we went to was 2 HOURS LONG!!! I enjoy church, but let's be honest, after 20/25 minutes of someone teaching/preaching/lecturing, you're mind starts to wander. There's just no sense it that. I miss my connection w/studying God's Word w/other women. If there is one thing I have learned from moving so often,.........'this too shall pass'. I don't freak out anymore by the waiting and wondering when it will all come together and feel like home. It happens, in it's own time and it's always good. I met a women after my Pilate's class today. She told me she was a Mormon. I told her I was not :) She asked me alot of questions and I got to share that I came to know Christ through my husband. I feel bad for her on many different levels, mostly because she has just come into the Mormon church and her husband isn't happy about it. She welled up w/tears @ one point. I just listened. One thing this town is void of is hearing 'expletives' flowing out of the mouths of peeps. I haven't heard the "F" bomb dropped once. It's quite refreshing. There is some advantages to living in a state w/a large pop. of Mormons. I hate swearing almost as much as lying. I believe it's because I did so much of it in my former life. I'm afraid it's made me intolerant to both practices. Only certain peeps can use expletives around me and I'm unaffected. I love these peeps, it's who they are.....one or two of them are 'characters' of which life would be less when/if they are no longer around. O.k., I'm starting to wander as well as get a bit misty eyed.

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