Home Buying 101

Buying a home is stressful, especially when it's on the other side of the country from where you previously lived. Let's do a recap of what has happened and then I will get you up to speed on today's events. As you know, we came into town and were whisked off to look @ homes the next day. Not the way I wanted to start off, but according to the realtor there was a great deal on a house we couldn't pass up. I passed it up. Let it suffice to say that it had a runoff ditch behind it along w/other things like a ghastly smell upon entering. I insisted the realtor call and find out what the smell was. Just a backed up sewer line. AYKM!!!! (are you kidding me). Next house was a real fixer upper w/great potential. With great trepidation and much discussion we put in an offer and soon were on the road to buying this lil' home. When it was time for the home inspection someone failed to turn both the power and gas on so that it could be tested. Once we received the completed inspection packet (took him two visits to get and still wasn't able to test the gas because it hadn't been turned on), we decided to pass. Any doubts that we may have had on cancelling were soon dismissed when we drove by one more time only to have a couple of the neighborhood kids say "whatssssssup". So, that weekend we decided to take it upon ourselves to look around and check out some open houses. First stop was and adult community w/enough amenities it makes your head spin. Golf, tennis, pools, restaurant, pro shop, community center, wood-working shop, pottery shop......you get the pic. I remember going through one model home and looking at the 'hub' (who was grinning from ear to ear), and saying in a whisper "We've hit the mother load". This is exactly what we were looking for and had talked about before we ever left Allentown, Pa. We agreed on a lovely little home that had just been built w/a detached casita on the property. For those of you who aren't Spanish (all my readers that I'm aware of), another name for this would be 'mother-in-law suite'. It is perfect because we expect many visitors to come our way. All that is left is to close on the home and get our stuff from Pa to Ut. Here's where it gets stressful. It took me a few days to track someone down that was available to meet the moving van, unlock the PODS and supervise the work. We were given a window of time the 24th or the 25th and they would call 48 hours before. Well, it's the 25th and last I heard they were still trying to locate a truck to get our stuff. AYKM!!! Poor Zack (kellerman), he has been a trooper while standing by each day not knowing if he should report to work or open PODS!!! Never a complaint. I'm glad I warned him in the beginning that movers are never reliable and they may or may not do what they say. Last time someone moved us all my lingerie was missing. As if that isn't bad enough, the movers were all men. I choose to believe they gave it to their girlfriend/wife as a present. Anything other then that is just to disturbing. Next, we get the 'good faith estimate', now keep in mind we are to do the walk through tomorrow and close next Tuesday. Just one problem the interest rate is not what was quoted to us and supposedly locked in at that time. So.......I wrote the 'banker' and email last night and am drinking coffee @ the hotel this morning instead of my daily trip to Starbucks so that I can be ready to address the issue when he calls. It seems I have been given more responsibility this time around. W/out the kids to look after I have welcomed these 'duties' and am learning a great deal, not only about the world of finance/home buying but I am getting a great deal of practice on using diplomacy while standing firm with a touch of compromise. You know this is difficult for me. I find myself jumping to conclusions, most of which are untrue, and God is using it to temper my judgemental tendencies. Even w/all the above I have never, ever, ever .....been happier!! I love it here. Even though I'm alone much of the time it doesn't bother me like all the other moves. There are friends to be made, ministries to become involved in and life will find a comfortable rhythm in its own time. The only thing that would make this place complete is to have my children nearby. Rich and Cort are talking seriously of moving here when she completes her Masters in December. I'm hoping/praying Katie will get the bug soon after (she graduates next spring), and Tim, well..........as much as I would love to have him close by I think he will choose to set his own course for a few more years. That's o.k., he'll come around soon enough :) Speaking of Rich, check out itunes store and search Richie Bates. His first album "Walls" can be found and I think you are going to really enjoy it. I have every song on my ipod. Make a mother happy, buy the album. You will be glad you did and it may just get them to Utah quicker!!!

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