Sound of Silence

Have you ever thought about not talking for oh....let's say.....a day, a week or maybe longer? Or are you reading this, scratching your head going "HUH??" Maybe it's just me. I would like to know. But ever since I can remember I've often been tempted to do just that. (those of you who are saying/thinking 'i wish you would' .....I can hear you). I believe (in concept only, which is why I should experiment w/this idea), that it would make me a better listener, communicator and temper my "FIM" disease (foot in mouth) which is no way related to "HAM", (hoof and mouth). Have I blogged about the gymnast w/the hickey? No, well it's an excellent example of why this would be a fantastic idea. When I was thirteen and pursuing my gymnastic/Olympic dreams (before I moved to WCH., Ohio that had nothing of the sort....so I took up golf.....I can digress can't I), I was at a gymnastic meet w/our rival team Maplewood. This was in Washington state when I went to Issaquah Jr. High. Anyhoooo.......I was standing by the parallel bars speaking w/a gymnast from the opposing side and watching her teammate whirl around on the bars. All of sudden I saw what appeared to be a bunch of hickeys on her neck. Ouuuuuuuuuuu........AYKM!!! So I blurt out "OMG, that is disgusting that she has hickeys all over her neck. Who is that?"........."She's my SISTER!" See what I mean. If you weren't w/me @ the start of this blog I'm thinking you're on the same page, line and letter w/me now. Come to think of it, I would be better just 'writing' my comments. I could put a chalk board around my neck, or carry a pen and pad and correspond w/others by using my fine 'English' skills. That's a joke by the way. Math was my worst subject in school w/English coming in a close second. Thank God for spellcheck. So...the next time we meet and you begin to talk and I don't you k now I've finally made good on my idea and you can be sure you will be reading my response.


bagman said...

Amazing how even thousands of miles away, you can still have such an impact on other's lives.

And now is NOT the time to keep your mouth shut - open wide and let it out! Please!!

j.kulp said...

So, what is the story with a) your possessions, b) your settlement (and interest rate) and c) when I come can I stay in your "suite"??? Miss you and love you:)

cortny said...

c. it's only 11 days now. so excited.