Second Verse same as the First

Went to Costco w/my dad yesterday to get supplies for our upcoming camping trip to the Grand Canyon. On the way we picked up Skully from La'De Paws where he was groomed to perfection and smelled like a flower (a masculine flower), along w/having a bandanna around his neck that looked like something a Harley Davidson driver would wear. I knew Skully would want to ride along so I put him in his little black purse where he was zipped up tight. He was exhausted from his day at doggie spa and slept most of the time. However, he woke up once to take a look around the place and popped his head out of the bag. The place was packed with lots of people. One of those people who just so happen to be walking by was a Costco employee. She stopped us and said "Excuse me, but dogs are not allowed in here." I said (very nicely) "Even if they are in a carrier." "Yes, even if they are in a carrier because of the food demos that are in the back of the store." I apologized and told her it wouldn't happen again. She smiled and walked away. I looked @ my dad and said "Now let's just stop a minute and think about my blog." He laughed and said "Well, you just found new material." AYKM!!! This is not new material. It's like Paul Revere and the Raiders song from 60's Henry the 8th I am, "Second verse same as the first." Maybe that's what should be put on my head stone when I leave this world "Tami the 1st I am (was). Her life was lived in repetitive verses. "Break a rule....get caught! Break a rule.....get caught! Break a rule........get caught!" Come to think of it, that would be a very large head stone. But then again, I seem to have broken so many rules. Even when I don't intend to, I still get caught.

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