I Never Learn

Went to the movies the other day. Stopped at our favorite 'smoothie' joint prior to going into the theater. These smoothies aren't cheap, but they're good and that's why keep going back for more. We both got our fave's and set out to the movie. I proceeded to slip them into my purse so we could enjoy them during the previews before the main event. Now really, what movie Matrie D looks for such stuff? The one at this movie. He seemed to be quite delighted w/himself having 'caught' a smoothie culprit. Said we couldn't go in until they were finished. Now these are 24 oz. smoothies and they can't be rushed (except by the 'hub' who has a way of opening up his throat and allowing the stuff to flow down to his stomach w/out obstacle). So we stand @ the front of the theater trying to 'suck' them down so we can get to the movie. All the while, the Matrie D is smirking. I can't get it all down......we were missing the previews..........I kept telling the 'hub' I was sorry (of course it was my idea and he went along reluctantly). Don't you really despise it when you are caught in front of the one who wasn't on board to begin with. To his credit he didn't say "I told you so". (but I know he was thinking it, who wouldn't). The end of the story is that the 'hub' was able to finish his, I, on the other hand had to throw half of mine away........in the trash can that was situated in front of the 'criken' Matrie D. I even tried one more time telling him it was 1/2 full could I just take it in. "No, I'm sorry mam (yeah sure), it's against the health code to allow you to bring it in to the theater". O.k., let's just sit there for a moment..........I can't take in a smoothie bought outside the theater, however, I can take the theaters 5.00 a pop tub of popcorn and 3.00 drink in. Help me understand the logic/fairness of this. It's called "Anyway we can make money" and they assign a law to it. Once again....my sneaking is foiled and the lesson is taught to me for the umpteenth time. "Hi my name is Tami and I'm a smoothie sneaker."

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cortny said...

that's a bunch of crap! How can they look through your purse? Let's sue.