Wichita Falls Whirlwind

Just got home last night from taking a trailer load of stuff down to the kids in Texas. We left on Thursday night and arrived on Friday @ 6:30 p.m. Approx. 1100 miles. Spent the day w/them on Saturday and left for home Sunday morning. (we missed seeing you Brady & Julie)Shoooooooweeeeeee ...... I slept like a rock last night. Seems Skut is packing on a few pounds (to much traveling in the car) so I took him for a long walk this morning. At this moment he is passed out @ my feet while I publish this post. On our way home we took a small detour and visited the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Awesome. We also spied out some campgrounds for upcoming fall camping. We ate at a lovely little diner in the town of Jacobs Lake, bought a couple of shirts/jackets and headed down to the canyon. The north rim is very different looking then the south, however, it is much less crowded. I liked that about it. Also, you can't see the Colorado River from the North like you can the South. We stopped @ the coffee shop/bar @ the Lodge and got a two cups of "Joe" and talked about the future, our kids and our next camping trip. We brought the truck back up from Texas so we were driving two cars back home. Bill's car didn't have a radio so it was a pretty quiet drive. You can imagine how grateful he was to have a human voice after hundreds of miles of silence. I, on the other hand, can tell you the latest news from around the world via listening to FOX news and Potus on XM radio. (just let me know if you need an update on world affairs). My mom would be very proud of me. She was very 'involved' in the political news and could tell you about every senator and Governor. She would rant and rave often about the government and what was going on. I seem to have taken up where she left off. I like to listen as well and get to know what is going on. For instance, did you know that Senator Throm Thurmond has the record on the Senate floor for the longest filibuster. He spoke for 24 hours in opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1957. (I like to educate my readers) :) Any hoo.....I am home and ready to start making curtains, shower curtains and bedspreads. Now if I could just find my sewing machine!

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Julie W said...

Awww! Sorry we missed seeing you. I have been passed out on the couch after a difficult start of school. We will catch you next time you are here!