'PP' stands for Perfect Peeps

Happy Saturday! Hey, here's a question. Have you ever noticed where you can find perfect people? I have the answer, in case you were looking. They aren't a rare breed, you can find them almost anywhere you go, sometimes, even when you look into your own mirror. A sure fire way to spot one is while you are making a mistake. I spotted one today while I was behind the wheel of my car. I was traveling home from a wonderful women's ministry brunch feeling pretty good. I started to turn left while I was in my neighborhood, however, a neighboring car on my right, blocked my vision from seeing oncoming traffic. So I began to turn left only to have a car (who had the right away) turn left as well. Oh, I felt terrible. I'm sure I scared the pee out of them. I waved and mouthed I'm sorry 3x's. To no avail, I'm sorry to say. Their expression could have killed a moose. Now, let me ask you something. Is it possible they are perfect drivers and never made an error? Chances are NOT! We seem to live in the world where we point out other's mistakes very quickly, but just as quickly forget that we (more then likely) have made the same ones, maybe more then once. No one likes to apologize only to have the recipient decline the gesture. So, in case you were wondering, I have no grand illusions that I am perfect at anything except maybe.............no I got nothin'! Have a super day and remember the next time you catch someone making mistake, you've probably done the same, offer some grace, give peeps a break!

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katie said...

it's me!!!!!
I don't make mistakes right?!
just kidding. Good advice c.
miss you beety juice