1st Day of School

Each year, on the first day of school, I would take the kids picture as they headed out the door, or onto the bus or into their car. I thought it would be appropriate to reciprocate and so the 'hub' went in late today just so he could be there to send me off w/a kiss, a wish of good luck and a pic as I headed out the door. You can tell Skully is not wanting his 'ma-ma-ma' (this is what he calls me in dog language), to go. I would like to think that my competitive nature would spur me on to be the best @ academics. Somehow, it was turned to mute in high school. Katie text me this morning and told me to take good notes. I texted her back and said the only notes I remember taking were the kind you passed around in class :) I arrived 45 minutes early for my orientation this morning. First one, the room was dark. I switched on the lights and w/confidence took a seat in the front row. And so it begins!


Jor said...

It takes a tremendous amount of courage and drive to go back to school - I'm proud of ya!

Tam said...

Thanks Jer. How's the school thing going for you?

Jor said...

School's great, thanks. I wrote a little something on my blog about school if you want some details and stuff.