Donny, Marie and....Bobbie

Long time no post. I had to share w/you my trip to Las Vegas w/my buddy Bobbie. It was so much fun. We stayed @ the Bellagio (think Ocean's 11), viewed the fountains @ night and most importantly saw the bro./sister duo Donny and Marie. I cannot believe that he is 50. He looks fabulous and dances/sings up a storm. Marie's stint on 'Dancing w/the Star's' catapulted her into loosing weight. She looked svelte and sassy. Even though the venue was much smaller then Celine Dione, they made up for it w/their entertainment and high energy. I would go again! While the 'Bob' was here we visited Zion, went out to a nice dinner (Thanks Bobbie) and took in the sites around St. George. Her visit wouldn't be complete w/out her going to the gym w/me. After all, that is where we met. We even took a 'Pilate's' class together, however, it was unlike the Pilate's that I had come to know. Lot's of talking, laughing very little Pilate's, but it was still fun. Her visit was topped of w/ a ride on the back of my scooter. I'm thinkin' every other breath she filled with 'weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......'. I love the bob-a-kins. It was so very nice to have her here. Alittle bit of back home. Once again I ask the question .... Whose next?