Ta Da!

You know I have been on the hunt for an area rug ever since we've moved in. Well, today we made a trip to our local TJMax and found one that looks perfect. However, not w/out a blog to share. So there was this woman who was looking @ rugs w/her elderly mother. She was @ the beginning of the rugs where they were smaller. The rugs are in sections...small, medium, large. Because we are looking for a larger one we begin on the last section. So we're folding each one over, like you would a page of a book, and each time we would come across one that we thought would work we would put our chair cushion next to it to see if it was the one. A few moments later this woman is standing next to us just staring. I say "Excuse me, are we in your way?" Believing she would say "Oh, no take your time, not a problem." Instead she says "Ummm.....well.........yes.....but that's o.k." Now I ask you what would you think that meant? Let me help you "Get your bootie out of the way Judy....I was here first." So, being the polite peeps that we are (keep in mind, the 'hub' is w/me and he helps curb my natural reaction of being downright rude), we step aside and let her continue her search. Every other rug she would say "Mom, what do you think?" Her mother was very sweet and we could tell that her daughter definitely did not receive this character trait from her. At one point we are both perusing the rugs together and it just so happened that we came across two rugs that were side by side, one that she liked and one we liked. We are holding up our cushion (minding our own bizniz) and her mom says to us "Oh, that one is pretty and it has all the colors." Her daughter says, "yes the rug is very pretty, do you like the material of your cushion?" AYKM!! Obviously we like it....after all, it is our cushion we brought from home. Then she makes some remark about how everyone seems to be out shopping for rugs today and that peeps should go home and watch the conference on the t.v. (the Mormon's are evidently having a big meeting in Salt Lake City that is being televised). I am persistent, I will not give up the rug post. I will win this rug ruckus. I wait! I wait some more. Finally they go away. We begin our search again hoping to use the lighting that had been blocked by her constant turning of the rugs. All of the sudden she reappears and says, "Have you every shopped 'Overstock.com'? They have a variety of rugs." "Yes, I have, and yes they do (smiling weakly). And with that she walks away. The 'hub' says "What the world! Where did she come from?" "I dunno." We bought the rug, brought it home and it is absolutely beautiful. It was made for us. I am so glad that I have been patient and wouldn't settle for just anything. At times I have to laugh at myself (so many do, but more often), at how extremely competitive I am. Even when it comes to shopping. There is a line in "Dances with Wolves" that described me today. Kevin Costner is at the soldier post where it is job to oversee and maintain it. He won't leave, even though no other soldiers have showed up yet. He is determined to fulfill his role as Post Commander. He says...."This is my post." That was me today in front of the large area rugs......."This is my post......Rudy Judy and I'm not leavin' w/out my rug."

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