What time of the year is it?

Peppermint Mocha Latte time!!! Woooo Hoooooo. The 'hub' and I took the scooters out for a spin this lovely St. George afternoon. We were looking for a dirt road we can see from our house that winds up a mountain range to the south. We never did find it, but found some trails. My lil' scooter struggled to get up some of the hills, but we made it. The 'hubs' scooter has a bit to much power (he took a spill going down a trail). By the time we finished, it was almost dark and a bit chilly so we took a ride into town and that is where I snagged my peppermint mocha latte. Yummy!! On another note, we leave on Thursday morning to head out to Slippery Rock, Pa where Katie will be running in the NCAA National XC race. We will pick up the 'hubs' parents on the way and drive out there on Friday afternoon. Sad to say that Skully will be staying behind. At the cost of $250.00 round trip, it doesn't make sense to bring the lil' guy along. Our neighbors will babysit. They have two Shitzus (I always feel like I'm cussin' when I say that), called Mattie and GiGi. They even have a doggie door. I'm sure he will have a blast. School update.....I've had two tests in school. So far I've made A's. Gaining more confidence w/each assignment. My belly is warm w/latte, my eyes are heavy from the day's big ride. It's time to say good night. I will leave you with a lil' ditty from Shirley Temple. On the good ship lollipop. Its a sweet trip to a candy shop Where bon-bons play On the sunny beach of Peppermint Mocha Latte Bay.

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catyj said...

Our minds (and bellies) were on the same track. I just had a Peppermint Patty hot drink at the Hershey Lodge! Please give Katie a hug and a prayer for me. I really miss you!