Moosh Brain

I can finally mark "Pass Fitness Instructor Cert. Test" off my list. Woo Hoo......and my brain is Moosh from so much studying. Funny thing is I'm ready to study something else :) WHAT!!!! If my teachers from high school read that they would start to 'hackle' and say must be a different Tami. Yeah....I'm different alright. We leave in the morning to travel to Texas to be w/the kids. This will be the first year that Christmas will be @ one of their homes. It's time to pass the torch. After all, Cortny and Rich are expecting there first baby in June and so it only seems fitting. Oh, I almost forgot.....the 'hub' is currently unemployed. On the eve of a new year, we both are looking forward to new things. We aren't sure where we will end up, but know w/out a doubt that God has a plan. We're just waiting for Him to unfold it for us. Merry Christmas my friends.

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catyj said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I think we could both use a Wegmans Frappe Freeze timeout right about now! Wish you were here!