Cowboy Up!

As I was 'walking' the trash to the trash bin I thought of my first fly fishing trip w/my dad in Montana in 2005. It was a memorable one for many reasons. We were floating down the Big Hole River and I got out and ventured into the open water w/my new waders and gear. Seems the current got the best of me and I fell in up to my neck. Our guide was nice enough to let me borrow his big waders and coat. Of course, I had to find a big tree to change behind. I still remember to this day laughing. I mean, come on, how many people fall in the Big Hole river fly fishing. When I climbed back into the float, Al the guide said, "Cowboy up Tami." Right now......it's 'cowboy up' time, except it's not a river anymore......it's all of life.

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catyj said...

Glad you are attempting to get "back in the saddle". Please forgive my tardiness in checking up on the blog. We continue to help my dad sort through 65 years of stuff he and my mom had collected. Found my sister's toy dishes (some toy - beautiful stoneware and fiesta ware!) and my skateboard (and accompanying sling for my arm!).