Whose your Daddy!

Man's best friend. Canines! I seem to only be able to blog in small encrements these days. Way to much emotion overwhelms me and I shut down. So....I was taking 'the boys' for a quick little pee-pee walk and mentioned to Skuttle Mc-Doo something about Grandpa-Gramps. This is the name we used w/Skully for my dad. As soon as I said his 'name' little skuttle mc-doo's ears perked up. My eyes filled with tears and I gave my precious pup a big hug. Thanks Skully for remembering my dad. The other day I was in Verizon canceling my dad's cell phone and I wanted to save his voice mail that he had on his phone. The peeps @ Verizon were great when I welled up with tears (again) and tried to explain why I was canceling, and asked is there any way they could save his voice mail. I had to walk over in to a corner and compose myself when I heard his message being played over the speaker. Even now, while I share this with you.....my heart is over flowing. I so very much miss my dad. What an impact he has made on my life. He was a 'corker,' a 'character.' It's the corker/characters in life that are missed the most. I hope, someday....I can get back to my normal. For now.....thank God for the moments that cause me to stop and assess what life is all about. It takes a dog to get my attention these days. Geesh!


Vicki and Steve said...


I think of you daily and pray that you are doing well. Take what ever time you need to grieve and know that if you need someone to talk to I am here.

Missing You,

bagman said...

And as I know all too well - the memories of your Dad (as with my Mom) will come at the strangest times and for no reason. They will stop you in your tracks as your emotions take hold and the memory becomes as vivid as if happened an hour ago.
Mom has been gone for two months now and not a day goes by that I don't have a "moment" with her.