Never To Old

Are we ever to old for change? I'm finding out the answer for me....NO! I am being stretched in ways that hurt. I can't remember a time when I have felt more uncomfortable than I do right now. I know this is good. However, it is a feeling unfamiliar to me. Most of my life has been every bit familiar. I tell myself....'this is good Tami.' My mind comprehends. My heart, well....it's waning. When I dream, it's of measuring windows. This makes sense to me. The 'hub' dreamed that a herd of fat people sat on him and he couldn't breath. Figure that one out Freud. I have met some very kind people (thank you God.) I have also met people that when sending them a thank you card for their business and looking forward to meeting w/them on such and such a date, told the 'hub' that they did in deed receive my 'thank you', but the date was wrong and he really needed to get that straight w/me. I'm sorry for the Thank You Card Mrs. Jones. AYKM!!!! I must grow tougher skin. The world moves along and is full of every kind of peeps. They can't all be great like those of you who read this!

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